Wednesday, November 18, 2015

From one broken person, to all the rest

So, you may have noticed that the Starbucks Red Cup outrage has been overshadowed with the events in Paris over the weekend. Facebook has been in a tizzy and it hasn't been very pretty. It has made me very sad, very mad, very confused, very lost.

I do not have any answers to the worlds issues. We are a broken planet. Filled with broken people. I do not have any helpful suggestions for our leaders. Not that they would listen to me anyway. I don't know what to do about ISIS. Or gun control. Or the Syrian refugees. Or our homeless vets. Or suicide bombers. Or religious zealots.

What I do have is hope. Hope that we will strive to be a people of mercy, of compassion, of honor. Hope that our hearts do not grow bitter against this wounded world. Hope that we always try to look towards peace instead of jumping to war.

Paris might not want my prayers, but Paris will get my prayers anyway. Because that is what my faith calls me to do.

I will refuse to walk through my life in fear. I am unafraid, because that is what my faith calls me to be.

And I will keep my heart open. I will continue to try and love my neighbor as myself, to turn the other cheek, to love my enemy. Because that is what my faith calls me to do.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Let it Shine

A video posted by @justjinny on

Facebook really has me down today. So I'm trying to cheer myself up. I don't really like to sing in front of anyone, but I thought it was worth sharing. #singwithme #idareyou

Thursday, November 12, 2015

My thanks giving project

I came up with this quick little Thanksgiving project at work this week. I asked for my coworkers to send me what they are thankful for. Then I put them on leaves and decorated a bulletin board with them.

My leaf says, "I am thankful for my husband and the home we have made together. He is my safe haven".

Tell me something you're thankful for.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Hey-yo! I'm back and I have something I need to get off my chest.

This month is just whizzing on by.

Just in case you have been living under a rock, or you don't really "do" social media (which if you don't...its really annoying for your family and friends...however....I am slightly jealous..because I can't seem to quit). We are all suppose to be mad about the Starbucks red holiday cup. {insert eyeroll} Apparently it is not "Christian" enough. I don't see what any of their other holiday cups had to do with little baby Jesus in a manger, but that is neither here nor there. The solid red cup is, according to some, the sign of the debil and the heathen ways of this country.

I don't buy my coffee at Starbucks, except for a rare instance here and there. But I'm not really in the habit of buying my coffee anywhere other than at the grocery store to then prepare at home. For the record, I do not drink my homemade coffee in a holiday mug during the holiday season. I'm not sure what that says about me as a Christian.

There have been many, many funny meme's that have come out of this whole situation. And I have snorked out loud at a few.

But for the most part, I've sort of kept my opinion to myself over on the old book of faces. Mostly because, sharing something...for or against it, doesn't really DO anything. There is no action is telling other people on Facebook how ridiculous they are being while reminding them that there are much bigger problems in this world than a coffee cup.

I want to know what those people did, even in the tiniest way, to help fix those problems they keep reminding everyone else of. My view on my faith is that I cannot argue people into believing in my God. I cannot shame them...or belittle them...or guilt them. And I should not be trying to sway them by angry protest.

I can only try and love them.

Whoa! Hold on...I said the L word. I know that is really scary for some people. I don't really mean love them in the sense of trying to be overly kind to all those crazy people on Facebook. Some people are going to think and feel what they want.

What I mean is, instead of arguing back and forth about what the REAL meaning of Christmas is on Facebook, I'm trying to think of what ACTIONS I can take to SHOW what the real meaning of Christmas is.

And its all about the love and kindness and giving, people.

I am not trying to say I am the next Mother Teresa. I haven't taken any action to show what I feel the meaning of Christmas is...yet. But the thoughts are brewing in my mind as I type. So what I'd like to propose, although I'm sure tons of you will think this is way less fun than re-sharing something on Facebook, is that instead of posting to Facebook about the Great Red Cup Debate of 2016 (or any other seasonal debate that may come along...hello Target Ugly Sweater)...why don't you stop and think about something you can do for your community instead.

There are food banks near you that need food.

There are Toys for Tots that need toys.

There are Angel Tree recipients that need someone to be their angel this season.

There are homeless shelters, soup kitchens, church pantries, women's shelter, animal rescues..all right there in your community...that need your help.

So pick up a local newspaper or google your city...and find a way to SHOW people (that actually really need to see it) what the true meaning of Christmas is.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

The couple costume that almost wasn't

The day before the Halloween party Jeremy starts making noises about not wanting to wear the costume we bought for him. {insert grumpy face emoji here} We had spent good money on two costumes and they were both getting somebody. So I decided that after I wore the first costume to work if he still didn't want to dress up I would just wear his costume to the party.

My half of our couple costume. At work with my chain gang.
After work on Friday, when we started getting ready to head out to the party, Jeremy tried on his cop costume but he wasn't happy with how it was fitting. I took off my stripes and put on the cop uniform and I was ready to rock and roll. Jeremy put on the prisoner costume and even though it was a little small, he was willing to work with it. So...we ended up being in costume together after all.

I had a receipt book that I used to hand out tickets all night long. People got tickets for not being in costume, for being scared of spiders, for not being scary, for being too cute. I even wrote a ticket to subtract 10 points from Ravenclaw. It was a lot of fun to be both prisoner and police office all in one night.

Ravenclaw Wizard singing the blues.
This is the proper way to take down a perp.

Our hosts, Holy Cow and Mr. Beer-b-gone.


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Gearing up for Halloween

Halloween has been a bit of a bummer holiday for the last few years. We have no kids so there are no school festivals or trunk-and-treat events. Door to door trick or treaters are rare in our neighborhood. And we aren't ones to hit the bars.

So usually we just pull the curtains, turn off the lights, and hide in the back of the house to avoid those random (as in one every other year) trick-or-treaters.

But this year...this year we are actually getting dressed up in costumes and going to a Halloween party. Our friends are hosting it and we wanted to have some fun games for the kids, so I handled the bean bag toss.

First, I stitched up some bean bags.

And then I worked on the board. I'm no artist, unlike my husband, and this is my first attempt at making anything like this. I am NO professional, but I think it will work ok.

Can't wait to show y'all our costumes! What do you have planned for Halloween?

Saturday, October 24, 2015

On the menu for this week

When Pinterest first became a thing, I didn't really think it would ever become my go-to for 'how to do all the things'. But, it has grown into something I use nearly as much as Google when I want to know how to make something.

I especially use it for menu planning. I make a two-week dinner menu before our bi-monthly shopping trip. Along with some standard menu items, I like to try a few new dishes. Enter Pinterest. It's where I go to gather all those recipes that I want to try. And where I go to flip through my Pins, like a new cookbook, to decide which ones I'll try this time around.

So, I wanted to share the new menu items I'm going to try this week.

When we were out at my in-law's last weekend they were talking about Shepherd's Pie. Turns out it was on pretty heavy rotation when my husband was growing up. I have never hade Shepherd's Pie before so I thought I would try it out. Most recipes I found include peas and carrots, but this is not how my husband's mom made it. So, I'm using the above recipe but with the vegetables substituted with baked beans. I'm not really sure how sweet potato, tomato paste, and baked beans are going to go together. But, we are going to find out.

Who doesn't like mac-n-cheese?! And I am all about "one pot" meals. The less mess I make in the kitchen, the better.

I'll report back how everything turns out. But you can always follow my NOM board and/or my TRIED AND TESTED board, with my very fancy grading system of +'s and x's, on Pinterest.

What new recipes are you trying this week?