Tuesday, November 1, 2016


It's November 1st.  Halloween has been fully celebrated (I'm still recovering) so now it's time to focus on Thanksgiving and Christmas. This particular West Texas autumn has been more like a mild summer and temperatures haven't even dipped into the 60's during the day. Actually, we haven't even been close to 60. It's 90 degrees outside as I type this.

Since the weather isn't making it easy to get into the holiday season, I've been having to find other ways. I'm going to try and do Fat Mum Slim's photo a day again on Instagram with a 'Thankful' twist. I want to make an attempt at focusing on that idea this month. And I really have so much to be thankful for, so it really shouldn't be all that hard.

I might start wrapping some Christmas presents. Don't look at me like that! Maybe if it was cold outside and I could actually drink hot cocoa and wear a dang scarf this would not be happening. I have to find my holiday cheer where I can.

Hallmark Holiday Movies. Enough said.

How on earth do people in Hawaii do this?!?!?! I guess they just suffer through it.

Look at them. Don't they look real sad?

Anyways, all of this has me thinking about traditions. Traditions are another great way to get yourself into the holiday mood. There are just certain things that only happen at certain times of the year. Like my mom making us banana pancakes. That is a Christmas morning even only. So, I associate banana pancakes with the holidays. My mom started the tradition of letting us pick out or buying us new ornaments every year. I've started that same tradition with my nieces and nephew.

I have fewer traditions that focus on Thanksgiving or traditions that Jeremy and I have started together. Maybe it's time to change that. I'm still thinking on it, but I'd like to start something for Thanksgiving for us. A new tradition. Something else to help me get in the holiday spirit every year.

Tell me, what are some of YOUR favorite holiday traditions (Thanksgiving traditions would be most helpful). Did they start when you were growing up? Or have you and your spouse started new traditions? What sort of events or food make you think of the holidays?

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