Friday, December 5, 2008

Counting my blessings

Hey..guess what?

There are only 19 days left until Christmas. NINETEEN!

Stressing out about Christmas was a little part of my fu nk. The last few years, the gifts have I know that frustrates Jeremy. He tells me I deserve so much more than one little gift. But the gifts don't really matter. I mean, more would be nice (for him and me...and everyone else on our list) but overall its just not that important.

Somehow, someway, I let all the negative energy go. I can't say that it won't be back, but for now, I'm feeling happy..calm..a little giddy. For some reason I'm sure that what ever we have left to do will be handled. I'm laughing more, smiling more, humming Christmas songs as I walk home from work. The stress seems to have left the building for the moment. My Christmas tree has been up for days, but not decorated. No worries, we'll get to it. At least that's my feeling on it. No need to stress out about it. We put lights on it tonight. Still no decorations, but like I said, it'll get done eventually.

I told Jeremy that it was good to be back. I'm not sure he understood. I don't know where I was last month, but it wasn't a fun place. And, I'm not quite sure how I got back here. But it's much better here so I want to stay for as long as possible. I'm trying (not that hard actually, it seems to be coming pretty easily right now) to focus on the postive.

~ I have a solid relationship with my husband
~ We both have jobs!
~ We have a nice vehicle that runs well (and we only have 9 payments left!!!!)
~ We have a nice home that keeps us warm
~ We have food to eat (maybe too much, lol)
~ Our pets are happy and healthy and bring us lots of joy
~ We have friends and family that love us

I'd say, all in all, we are doing pretty good.

PS..don't y'all love my blog makeover for the holidays?! I think its fab. Makes me smile.

PSS..Only nineteen days until banana pancakes!!!

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