Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Puttin' it all out there

I'm joining the five week weight loss challenge over at The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans!

I've blogged about my weight before. Here, and here, and here. I haven't taken a weight picture in a while, but over at Shrinking Jeans they suggest that you do. I all my glory. lol. That's right, hair's a mess (I've been wearing a santa hat all evening) and no makeup. Love me just as I am or leave me. I just jumped on the scale too, I know it's nearly 9:00 at night so it might be slightly off but it reads 199.

Ok, I've fallen off the wagon. Like, off the wagon and over a cliff. I have no real excuse. I'm being lazy and eating everything. But, there are two things that I feel are working against me right now.

1. I cannot figure out how to get the new digital cable guide/dvr thingy to record my morning workout show.

2. I cannot drink luke warm water. It has to be cold. So, I might pack a bottle of water in my lunch with every intention to drink it, but by lunch its never cold enough. Any suggestions? The good thing about this (I guess) is that I don't drink anything in its place. So, after my cup of coffee in the morning I usually don't have anything to drink until after work. I NEED TO DRINK MORE WATER DANG IT!

All my cute little t-shhirts I bought when I was down about five pounds are now too snug to wear. I don't want to go back to a size 22!


  1. Yeah! I am so glad you have joined us at the sisterhood.

    We will all get there, back in skinny jeans and cute little t-shirts!

  2. Great job on getting back on track! YOU CAN DO IT!! Here's a tip if you love your water really cold: freeze 1/2 a bottle every night, and fill up the rest with cold water in the morning. The ice will slowly melt and it'll stay cold for several hours... Hope this helps!!

  3. I found Dasani water pretty disgusting if it's not super cold. Poland Spring is very salty.
    We drink cheap spring water from Big Y and it's good even if it's not cold. It has less taste.
    Coffee is actually good if you drink it black...
    Have you tried flavored water? It's not non-caloric but that's what my sister-in-law drinks, she HATES water!

    I love your new background, it's very Christmasy!
    Take care,

  4. hey girl!

    Have your tried propel powder??? it makes your water taste great and it is so portable you can carry bunches in your purse. its made by gatorade!! its awesome!

    its me jenny red hot monkey by the way :)

  5. What are you talking about? We're not fat... we're flaky, like biscuits! Mmmmm, biscuits!!!!