Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What makes a house a home

"Home is a shelter from storms - all sorts of storms." ~ William J. Bennett

Over on Shutter Sisters the question was asked "Do you surround yourself with the magic reminders that make your heart sing?"

I started thinking about my home and our decorating 'style'. I can admire rooms out of Better Homes & Garden or Martha Stewart Living all day long, I can appriciate the design and the beauty. But, my home will never look like that because its not really my style. My home is very lived in. There is very little that was specifically bought to just fill up space on a shelf. There are very few vague floral prints framed and hanging on my wall just to take up wall space.

No, I enjoy surrounding myself with things that mean something to me. Things with sentimental value, things that mark special moments in my life. First, we have filled our home with art work from special places or that we have created ourselves. We aren't "professional artist" by any means, but we do have fun with our art.

Art work my sister brought back for me from San Francisco.
Another piece of art my sister gave me when she went to Paris.
My husbands artistic talent combined with his love for comic books.
Another of my husbands work..this one is from his high school years.
And this is one of MY paintings. It's fun..but you can probably guess who the better artist is.

We collect things that we enjoy. I don't have a thing for cows in general, but I do love the Cow Parade cows and have quite a few of them spread out through my house. Other items are from places that my husband and I have been together. Maybe a very special gift that someone gave me. I know these things are very personal and might not appeal to everyone, they don't all fit a certain 'theme'. But, when someone comes to my house they can truely see REAL us.

Note cards that we picked up in Colorado. We just tore the back pieces off and hung them in frames.
Just a small peek into Jeremy's Metallica collection.
This is the turtle that Jeremy gave me for my 17th birthday. It was the first gift he ever gave me.A poem my sister wrote for a school assignment.
A set of nesting dolls we bought in Fredericksburg.

But mostly, we surround ourselves with things that make us happy..things that make us smile..a mix and match of postcards, drawings, fortunes from fortune cookies, little reminders of our hopes and dreams and wants, and family photos.


  1. I love it...a lived in house is the best kind.

  2. My theory is that if you love something and bring it into your home it will "match" and "go" with everything else because the other things are also things you love. Loving an item is the common element for designing a space that becomes your home.