Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Tonight is the night

So...I heard the State of the Union speech was on last night. I mean, I didn't really hear anything about what the President actually said. But I do know that the First Lady wore a lovely Marigold dress (please see my talking point about always dressing cute in my previous post). #priorities #wehavethem

But I don't want to talk politics tonight. Tonight I want to talk about the Powerball. Have you bought your ticket?

1.5 bbbiiiilllllllliiiiooonnnn dollars.

According to ABC News, "If you win the powerball tonight, you will be richer than Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, and Madonna". That's a lot of pressure, yo.

Where would I even begin?

Well, first I'd go swimming in it.

Then I'd buy a private island with it, so I can swim in actual water.

Excuse me, you on the elephant, can you please back away from my island? Kthnksbie
Can pugs swim?

Ok. Good.

And there would be this.

And, ok, some of this (because I'm not totally selfish).

Get ready, people! I am gonna' be fabulous.

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