Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Love Cottage or Money Pit

Things are just getting back to normal from the re-tiling job that was not planned. Or, well, it was sort of planned...but not by choice. It was the re-tiling job we were forced to plan.

Earlier, in October, we attempted to replace the faucet in our shower. What should have taken 10 minutes and $10....took the entire day and ended with a hole in the wall. You see, the idiots that owned this house before us had done their own "updates" and one) they concreted the plumbing into place, and two) they didn't put any concrete board back up, but instead tiled over the concrete stuck in there for the plumbing.

Does it make any sense? No? It didn't to us either.All I know is that tiles started falling off the wall and next thing I know the husband and I could hold hands through the wall. There was just nothing behind the tiles. I'm not sure how they stayed on the wall for as long as they have.

Anyway, at the time, we had anticipated for a 10 minute/$10 job. We were not prepared to retile anything. But we couldn't leave a whole in our what to do? This is the best we could come up with on such short notice.

Yeah, I know. Lovely, right? It was....butt ass ugly. And not exactly waterproof. BUT, it worked in that moment and held until the beginning of this month. Although starting the bathroom remodel was not on the to-do list for this year, our hand was forced. So, with crow bar in hand...and a little trepidation, the husband started the retiling of our tub surround.


 We planned for it to be a three day job. usual...the plumbing delayed us by an entire day. So, after a lot of waiting for stuff to dry just to put more stuff on that had to dry, and a handful of showers at my mom's house (thanks, mom!)...our shower was finally put back together.

 We have tentatively planned to finish the bathroom remodel sometime next year...unless this Money Pit throws another wrench in our plans.

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  1. I love the tile you used! It looks so adorable!