Sunday, November 1, 2015

The couple costume that almost wasn't

The day before the Halloween party Jeremy starts making noises about not wanting to wear the costume we bought for him. {insert grumpy face emoji here} We had spent good money on two costumes and they were both getting somebody. So I decided that after I wore the first costume to work if he still didn't want to dress up I would just wear his costume to the party.

My half of our couple costume. At work with my chain gang.
After work on Friday, when we started getting ready to head out to the party, Jeremy tried on his cop costume but he wasn't happy with how it was fitting. I took off my stripes and put on the cop uniform and I was ready to rock and roll. Jeremy put on the prisoner costume and even though it was a little small, he was willing to work with it. So...we ended up being in costume together after all.

I had a receipt book that I used to hand out tickets all night long. People got tickets for not being in costume, for being scared of spiders, for not being scary, for being too cute. I even wrote a ticket to subtract 10 points from Ravenclaw. It was a lot of fun to be both prisoner and police office all in one night.

Ravenclaw Wizard singing the blues.
This is the proper way to take down a perp.

Our hosts, Holy Cow and Mr. Beer-b-gone.


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