Wednesday, October 8, 2014

H is for....Hey there

Day 8. Letter To Yourself in 10 Years

HHHeeeeeyyyy there,

I'm writing this to you from 10 years ago. If the Doctor would hurry up and come get me already we could be having this conversation face to face...unless that would create some world shattering which case we would probably STILL be having this conversation face to face and the Doctor would just find some way to fix the damage.

Ok, enough of that geekery.

I'm going to assume that you are still into those sort of things. The silly, fun, nerdy, geeky things. Tell me you still have the Tardis pillow on the living room couch! You better.

For real now..enough geeking around.

By now we have celebrated our 40th birthday. I hope you did it with grace and awesomeness. I bet you did something fun! Like went to Vegas!! I'm not all that concerned about aging now and I hope you don't get concerned about it anytime in the future. I hope we are sporting some major glittery silver hairs and more laugh lines. And even though we will never ever be getting botox or anything stupid like that, I do hope that you have learned to get on some type of skin care routine..even if it's just moisturizer and sun screen. I'm already working on it, so in ten years I should have it down..right?!

Did you totally kill it as the matron of honor at the seester's wedding? Of course you did. You rocked the hell out of that taffeta dress. I'm just kidding. Megan would never make us wear taffeta...I hope.

It's hard to guess what I'll be doing in 10 years. It could be the same thing I've done for the last nearly 20 years, but something tells me that probably won't be the case. So, I hope whatever you have found fulfills you in ways that the previous job hasn't been able to do. And if not the job, then I hope you have found something else that is feeding your soul. Maybe you are still in your hometown or maybe y'all finally took the plunge and moved to Austin. If you did move away, I hope it went smoothly and I hope living some place else for the first time in your entire life is every thing you dreamt it would be...or close enough to that.

I'm not one to make a whole lot of grand plans, I'm pretty down to earth so I won't assume you have written that novel (although I do hope you have worked on it more, if for no other reason than for the fun of it).

No matter where you ended up, or what you did or didn't do, or where you did or didn't go....the only thing...the ONLY thing I hope is that you are happy.

Helene in Between Blogtober

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