Tuesday, October 7, 2014

G is for...Garden of the Gods

Day 7. Best/Worst Vacation

I honestly don't have a worst vacation (yet). If I had to pick a vacation at the bottom of my list it would be when I went to New York City. And only because I was sick the whole time and it was freakin' frackin' cold. Despite all that, we still had so much fun.

The best vacation we have had, so far, has to be Colorado. We drove up and let me tell you there is a whole lot of nothing between here and the Colorado state line (and New Mexico is just a weird little state). But as soon as you enter Colorado you are introduced to a sweeping landscape of beauty. It might be driving through sheered cliffs or across a prairie with the mountains on the horizon (and there are always mountains on the horizon in Colorado). The entire time we were in the state there was something breath taking to look at.

We stopped in Colorado Springs before continuing on to Grandby the next day. So we had the chance to stop by the Garden of the Gods for a hot second. I wish we would have planned to spend more time there. The Garden of Gods was amazing.

The rest of our time was spent in a rented condo outside of Grandby with some friends. The view of the Rocky Mountains from our condo picture window was spectacular. There were no hurried plans, nothing we had to do and no place we had to be. We watched TV and took hikes, we visited the hot springs and did some shopping. But overall, we just relaxed, laughed, and ate a lot of good food. *sigh* Man, it was such a great vacation.

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  1. being sick on vacation is the WORST. ugh. this makes me want to go to colorado!