Thursday, October 2, 2014

B is for...Ballerina

2. Dream job when you were little/ what is it now?

I didn't really want to be a ballerina when I was little. But, I'm trying to stick to a theme here.

Actually, I don't remember ever having a dream job in mind when I was growing up. I had a vivid imagination so I'm sure I pretended to be all sorts of things, but there was nothing that sticks out as something I was passionate about.

And honestly, it's the same now...sadly. There isn't one profession that comes to mind. So, I started doing research on "jobs that start with the letter B" (the theme, people, the theme) and what I came across was intriguing and a little scary.

Bone Crusher, for example. Sounds like a professional wrestler to me.

Bobbin Sorter, Body Make-up Artist (who's body are we making up?), Bonsai Culturist, Basting-machine Operator (do you need a degree for that?), Beekeeper, Barker, Bandoleer Packer, Barista.

I think I did find my dream job and it even fits my theme...

Beach Bartender...


Helene in Between

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  1. Ooh a beach bartender sounds fabulous! Maybe you and your honey should open up a bar on a beach. I think that would suit y'all perfectly...And we will totally vacation there and hang out ;)