Thursday, August 15, 2013

Project 'Adopt Me' Vests: Complete

It all started with this crazy idea to make 'adopt me' dog vests to donate to the local rescue I volunteer with. I didn't really think I could pull it off, but the more I talked about it to my co-worker (and fellow rescue volunteer) the more I thought maybe, just maybe, I could.

So, first things first...I needed money to fund this little venture.

I can't say that donations came flooding in. But I received enough sponsorship money to start gathering the materials I would need.

My cute little models.

I thought I was only making 10 vests, but as I started cutting out vests I realized I had more fabric. So I just kept going. I ended up with 20 vests, eight small, eight medium, and four large. The next step required sewing, which I don't know how to do. I recruited the help of two co-workers who know their way around a sewing machine. They kindly donated their time and a little fabric to sew on the trim.

After that, I dropped the vests off for screen printing.

I ironed on sponsorships. This was the trickiest part of the whole process.


After that, the last step was added on the straps and buckles. This meant a little more sewing, but again I had some help. In no time at all, we had all the straps cut and sewn with the buckles in place. I delivered the vests on my birthday. And here is one of the adoptable dogs, Nikko, modeling a vest.

It only took me all summer...and I needed a lot of help (I didn't really do much but organize the troops), but I ended up with double the vests with half the budget I though I would need. All in all, a very successful project. Turns out not ALL my ideas are so crazy after all.


  1. Jinny, this is amazing! What a cool project, the vests look so great!