Monday, August 19, 2013

End of summer hair makeover

Over a year ago I chopped off all of my hair. It's not quite as long as it was when I cut it, but it's pretty close. It's close enough for me to put it up in my top bun that I loved so much (and boy did I miss it).

I've decided that I am just a long hair girl. I love short hair cuts, they are super cute, just not on me. I feel more myself with longer hair. But that doesn't mean I don't get bored with it. I've already talked to my hair dresser about the 'itch to cut' and she has promised me that next time I get the itch she will talk me down out of the tree.

After a year of nothing but trims, I'm getting bored again. I know I don't want to cut it so I'm going to color it instead. I haven't had any color in my hair for a really, really long time. I sent this picture to my hair dresser to see if it was something we could do and she is all over it. I think I might want a more drastic effect at the bottom, but overall this is what I want. My appointment is next week and I am so excited!!

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