Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Social

Hello Lovelies! It's the close of another weekend {sad face}, but we still have Sunday evening to get through first. Right? Right.
 5 songs you'll listen to for the rest of your life:
1. 'Nothing Else Matters' - Metallica
2. 'Fighter' - Gym Class Heroes
3. 'Run This Town' - Jay-Z
4. 'Cosmic Love' - Florence and the Machine
5. 'Beautiful, Dirty, Rich' - Lady Gaga
5 things on your bucket list:
1. Visit Enchanted Rock.
2. Go shooting with Pamela Clare.
3. Ride a longhorn.
4. Do a Zipline.
5. Write a book.
5 celebs you'd love to hang out with for a day
1. Bob Harper
2. Emma Stone
3. Sandra Bullock {we could have a 'I hate Jesse James' party}
4. Ryan Reynolds {Just so I can stare at him}
5. Jennifer Lawrence
5 things you always carry in your purse
1. Work badge
2. Wallet
3. Sunglasses
4. Floss
5. Keys
5 books on your reading list
1. Animal Attraction - Jill Shalvis
2. Striking Distance - Pamela Clare
3. Lover Reborn - J.R. Ward
4. Ecstasy Unveiled - Larissa Ione
5. Lothaire - Kresley Cole
Share the last five pictures on your phone:

Otto, Super Kitty

I volunteer with our local humane society and this little dude is available for adoption.
Saturday morning grocery shopping
Finally bought some chalk so I can change the message on my pig.
My mug broke, right in my hand..while I was just sitting there.

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