Thursday, February 7, 2013

Just Jinny Test Kitchen: Nights two and three

Next up on the menu was Pesto Tomato Pizza. I made it using this recipe, loosely (seeing a theme here?). We bought the pre-made pizza crusts at the grocery store. I had a jar of pesto sauce already opened in the fridge from making THIS recipe. I don't know if the tomatoes I used were technically 'heirloom' but they sure were pretty colored.

I used a spoon to put the pesto sauce on the crust and then to spread it around. I didn't put it on too thick, I didn't want the crust to get soggy. Next I sliced up tomatoes and added them on the pizza until I was satisfied..this can vary from household to household. I had a open jar of kalamata olives in the fridge as well, so I sliced up the rest of those and added them on the pizza as well. I seasoned the pizza with oregano and garlic powder. And then I topped the whole mess with Weight Watchers italian shredded cheese blend.

12 minutes in a 450 oven (that was the directions on the back of the pizza crust package) and this is what we got:

It turned out really great. Personally I think it was a little under-seasoned. But I liked it enough this time to give it another try and tweek it a little.

Tonight, we had corn and sweet pepper soup. I went off this recipe. I couldn't find any leeks at the grocery store (it was a mad house during our shopping trip so I might find them some other time) and I'm not sure how much it changed the texture or flavor of the recipe. I used fresh corn, green onion, fresh cilantro, and red bell peppers. I sort of sauteed all of that with a little olive oil. I added garlic powder, adobo seasoning, and cumin. Then to actually make it a soup, I added three cups of chicken  broth and a cup of left over That Green Sauce and lime juice.  Once it started to boil, I turned down to a simmer and let it go until we were ready to eat.

It does thicken up just a little (at first it was pretty watery and I was worried).

We didn't add anything else to top this off but you could add shredded cheese (which we might try next time), avacado, and/or sour cream.

I was afraid that a meatless soup wouldn't really do it for Jeremy, but he loved it. This was so easy to do and very tasty. I'll be making it again for sure.

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