Monday, February 4, 2013

Just Jinny Test Kitchen - Night One

Hello, lovelies!

I pinned the heck out of some new recipes this weekend before we went grocery shopping {note to self: need blog post about of grocery shopping methods}. Our dinners for the next two weeks have been liberally sprinkled with a bunch of brand new stuff.

This excites me and makes me nervous all at the same time. Nothing sucks worse than a brand new recipe going terribly wrong. I wasn't that concerned about tonight's dinner {tomorrows dinner, on the other hand...}. It was pretty simple and easy to recover from if it didn't work out.

On our last grocery trip I picked up a Kraft Fresh Take Kit for free with a featured meal deal our grocery store was having. I LOVE our grocery store...HEB all the way. So tonight I put it to use with some chicken breast. It was easy, fast, no mess, and delicious. Follow the directions on the packaging and you can't go wrong.

And my side was roasted veggies. I loosely followed this recipe. You can use just about any veggie you want. The recipe used Brussels sprouts..we left those out and used zucchini and squash instead. You can add slices of onion if you want. Pretty customizable. With just a little olive oil, salt, and Parmesan cheese (and I do mean a little), the veggies came out soft and wonderful.

Everything was great! Sometimes I amaze myself {HEY...a girl has to pat herself on the back every now and again}.

I even packed my lunch for tomorrow using left-overs.

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