Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hey, it's my birthday.

My sister came to town for the weekend. She and I spent yesterday driving all over town looking at bedding sets. I know I did a post a few weeks ago about some of the sets I was looking at online. And y'all were very helpful in helping me narrow it down. Jeremy said he liked #1 the best and we were going to get it but the more I thought about the fabric and the 'dry clean only' business, I started having doubts. SO, the sister and I were on a mission to find something that I liked, that was in-store, that I could care for at home, that my animals wouldn't destroy. We went just about every where there is to go in this town. My sister was great at helping me talk things through.

And this is what I ended up with:

Lola approves.
It's an eight piece set. So it came with the comforter (machine washable), pillow shams, euro shams (big fancy square covers that I don't have pillows for yet), a bed skirt that I don't really need, and two decorative pillows (to add to the three we already have, who doesn't need more decorative pillows?).

I'm very pleased with my purchase. Jeremy gave it his usual man-approval which is..if your happy, I'm happy.

My Mom also bought me a new flat iron..its digital and has an automatic shut off. Let's just say that I have a little problem with remembering to turn the iron off. I can't wait to use it. She ALSO bought me a gift card to the spa. Momma spoils me. We ate pizza, drank sangria (I used my fancy birthday glass my Grandma gave me), and watched Wanderlust {I laughed out loud} and Mirror Mirror.

The cats were thrilled to have people over to lay on. That's how they say HI.

Today, the husband is taking me to see 'The Campaign'...I expect to laugh out loud some more. And..maybe, if I can bat my eyelashes just right I will come home with these:

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  1. love the new bedroom threads!!! very pretty!!!