Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I can't believe its been a week since I posted. That wasn't planned. Life has just been whisking on by, throwing curve balls at me along the way.

This is what's been going on in my life lately...random style:

My Lola girl has been having a hard time with her allergies this season. It's been bad, real bad. Bad for everyone..Lola, Duke, me, and Jeremy. Over the weekend Lola started shaking her head again. We took her to the vet yesterday and turns out her eardrum ruptured. I know that sounds really bad..it did to me..but as my husband puts it, the rupture released the pressure on her ear which probably felt a little better. Anyway, she is on another round of antibiotics, three weeks this time. Ear drops and pain meds. No walks. No baths. That's going to be rough for three whole weeks. But on the positive side, she has been acting her same ol' perky self. She has been eating well and wanting to go outside. She has been chewing on her rawhide. She hasn't been shaking her head or walking funny or tilting her head..she really hasn't been acting like her ear is bothering her at all. So I'm trying not to stress out about it too much. We take her back for a check up in two weeks.

And poor ol' Duke has been having an issue with his anxiety. He's always been a nervous nelly when it rains, especially if it thunders. Lately, even the announcer over the loud speaker at the stadium down the street has been making him shake. It's getting to the point where he is timid about going for walks...and he LOVES to go on walks. I'm looking into getting him a Thunder Jacket.

Last Tuesday, I went to the volunteer orientation for the local humane society. It was pretty straight forward. The other two volunteers were very..interesting characters. One of them was afraid of dogs. Very odd. I mean, I guess there are cats that need adopting too but still. I'm still trying to figure out where I can help. It's hard getting there to help when we are a one vehicle household. I'm sure I'll find a way I can help, I just don't know what it is yet.

After the orientation I met my workout buddy, Tiffany, at Chili's for dinner and drinks. She was good {she ordered from the lite menu}. I was not good. I felt a second of guilt and then enjoyed my meal immensely. We shared a dessert..which we didn't finish. Oh, and the skinny margarita isn't too bad. We ended up sitting outside for an hour just talking, mostly about food and eating habits and living a healthy lifestyle. We confessed some of our darker old eating habits. It was good to dish, get it all other there with someone who can relate on many levels.

I went to Austin over the weekend to visit my friend, Jennifer. We spent Saturday strolling through the Country Living Expo. There was SO much to look at. Sadly, most of it was way out of my price range. I did run into my friend, Autumn, who lives in San Antonio. We haven't seen each other in several years {we keep in touch on Facebook..natch} so I was just shocked and delighted to be able to hug her AND her husband AND her kiddo. I walked away with this adorable painted piggy, thanks to Jennifer who found it at one of the last booths we went into.

On Sunday, we went to Ikea and the outlet mall. Jennifer always takes me to the nicest places. I scored a cute little leather cross body Coach purse at a killer price.

I also picked up two side tables and the bed frame for the guestroom. Did y'all know that the midbeam for the bed is sold separately? Because I didn't and they just let me walk right out of there with a bed frame and no midbeam. How rude. lol. Ah well, we don't have a mattress to put on the bed right now anyway so there is time to get the midbeam. The progress has been slow, I know, but it's coming along.

SSSeeee...I told you. Lots and lots going on. I think things are going to slow down just a bit...at least, I hope they are. I need a second to catch my breath.

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