Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's fall, y'all!

I hit up Hobby Lobby today and found these beauties on sale for 50% off. The bag of pine cones/cinnamon sticks/filler bits was half off too. I also bought a grapevine wreath (on sale) and a seasonal floral bundle (sale), a craftable letter S (not the one in the picture), a piece of fall themed scrapebook paper, two bundles of fabric remnants.

Oh, and I bought Pumpkin ice cream at the grocery store.

Can you tell that I am just a teensy bit THRILLED that its October?


  1. :) I love Hobby Lobby! (Or "The Lobby" as I like to call it -- but I'm cool like that...) I wish I would've went there today. :-/

  2. Girl, I did the same thing today but at Michael's. I bought black glitter taper candles for my Halloween candelabra, two strings of fall leaves for my cemetery scene, white paintable vinyl figures of Frankenstein, Dracula, a Witch and a pumpkin headed guy and all of the following for gruesome cupcakes: tiny icing decorations in the shape of knives, red gel icing for blood, cup cake cups with skulls on them and toothpick pokes that say "Pick your Poison", a four pack of orange and black sugar and two kinds of sprinkles, cup cake wraps with bats and spider webs on them and gross looking bubble gum eye balls to use on some of the cup cakes.