Thursday, October 27, 2011

I have a serious question to ask

We have lived in our little love cottage for about nine years now. It only has one bathroom {GASP...I know. I actually have to keep my makeup put away and there is only ONE outlet}. We have adapted quite nicely. Not that we knew anything different. Our apartment only had one bathroom also. Although I do dream about the day when we will have a master bathroom for ourselves and nice, clean, clutter free, fluffy toweled guest bathroom for everyone else...I have one concern.

This is a cost that I never imagined we would have to anticipate. And so frequently, it seems.

I'm talking about our toilet seats.

We have been through three toilet seats since we've lived in this house.

I can't come up with any good reason why our toilet seats keep breaking. The left hinge breaks..every. single. time. We aren't doing crazy yoga poses while sitting on our porcelain throne, I promise.

So, I wanted to ask y' long have you lived in your home and how many times have you had to replace your toilet seat?


  1. never has it broke after 10 years! lol! but a new one was put in anyway because the toilet was not working itself.

  2. Ha! That's kind of weird... We got a new toilet in our downstairs bathroom when we re-did it about 2-3 years ago.. but prior to that? We've never had to...

  3. That is hilarious! I think we only changed our toilet seat once, in several years, and only because I wanted a new one! Maybe your toilet sits on a very slight angle or something, so more pressure is put on the left side? Or maybe you both favor your left butt cheek and naturally lean that way?

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  5. Bahahaha! I have no idea why they keep breaking either.

    Sometimes the hubby and I kind of "cheap out" on stuff and then end up having to spend more money to fix it again. Ugh. Then again, maybe toilet seats are cheap plastic that aren't meant to last.

    We've lived in our house 5 yrs and never replaced any of our loo seats, but the one in our guest bath is not original. I can tell b/c the T is round and the seat is oblong. :p

    P.S. I love that you called it a "cottage" - sounds so cozy and romantic.