Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hey Good Lookin'...whatcha got cookin'

I tried a recipe from my new cookbook today. Some garlic-y red pepper and broccoli pasta dish. It was super easy to throw together.

First, boil some pasta.

Then, take your broccoli florets (I used a bag of steamed broccoli after a ride in the microwave), chopped red peppers, chopped chicken breast and some olive oil..put it all in a hot pan. Stir until chicken is about done.

And then throw in some of this stuff. The cookbook is geared towards this new product by Philadelphia. Its our first time using it. I just played it by sight and put in a little at a time and stirred it around until, adding until I thought it was enough (I didn't use the whole tub). Let it all get heated through and then add the pasta.

Here ya go..finished dish. We would have added some grated cheese but we didn't have any. It was good but needed more seasoning. I didn't know how seasoned the cooking creme would be so I'll adjust next time. Overall, pretty good for a first try.


  1. I used the Italian Herb flavored one a while back and it was kind of the same thing. Okay, but it needed more, and I wasn't sure when we started what exactly it would need, so it wound up being way under seasoned. Not bad, just... I don't know, not something I'd go to.

  2. that looks delicious! perhaps inspiration to enter the kitchen..


  3. OMG I love that stuff! Italian herb is my fave. I used a stir fry miz of veggies and used less pasta so it would have an alfredo-y sort of feel.