Saturday, October 22, 2011

GGGiirrrlll, you need some Nair

Last night I had a skype date with my sister. We were talking about my 'gnarly' eyebrows. I've been blessed with full eyebrows. My eyebrow hairs grow so long that if I sleep on my face wrong I wake up with a serious case of bedhead...but for my eyebrow. My sister thought this was hilarious and wanted to see so one morning when my brows were particularly 'gnarly' I sent her a picture text. Yes, we are weird like that.

Anyway! We were talking about other hair issues that us women have to deal with..on all parts of our bodies {sorry, guys..we are about to go into territory beyond the closed bathroom door}. I mentioned that lately I have noticed that my upper lip is growing hair that does NOT need to be there. And my sister looks at me askew and says 'lately?' As in, 'Seester, your upper lip has ALWAYS been hairy'. Except she has NEVER told me that my upper lip was just a little too hairy to be cute.

My Mom has mentioned it recently. Maybe that is why I have been paying more attention?

But my sister says, through her laughter mind you, that she always thought it just didn't bother me.

Stop and think about that for a minute. Why would having hair growing on my upper lip NOT bother me?

What I'm trying to say is...ladies, we have got to help each other out here. Surely we all have another female or two in our lives that we are comfortable enough with that they can tell us we need to do something about our five o'clock shadow. I'd much rather hear it from my sister or even my husband and take care of it instead of walking around letting everyone and their mom gawk at my 'stache.

So, go take a good look in the mirror and check yourself. And if you find a chin hair longer than Rapunzel's wig you should fire your sister immediately...I know I did.


  1. lol.
    Luckily for me my husband is the one who points out when I need to fix my eyebrows or what have you. Keep in mind I like that he does this, I asked him to! lol.

  2. I so agree here. I have eyebrows similar to yours, which if I don't get waxed precisely every two weeks, I look like two caterpillars are nesting on my forehead. My sweet mother was the first person in my life to suggest that I might want to start maintaining them, when I was a teen. When I look back at before pictures, I am so grateful.


  3. I just re-read this and busted out laughing!!! I totally forgot about this conversation!!