Saturday, October 22, 2011

Extreme Vanity Seat Makeover - Just Jinny Edition

I need a makeover!

My Mom bought me this cute little dainty vanity seat at an estate sale. It fit perfectly but needed just a little TLC to become a happy addition to our bedroom. So I got out the spray paint and staple gun.

It took me a try or two to find the right screwdriver. Handygirl I am not.

A nice coat of polished copper spray paint.

One yard of pretty fabric.

Time for a face lift.

I admit I youtubed how to recover a "bar stool" just to get an idea of how to go about this.

It ended up being pretty easy.

Face lift complete.

I'm ready for my close up.


  1. Great job, girl! It looks great and fits with your vanity look perfectly. I didn't know if that dainty thing would flow with the chunky vanity but you pulled it all together very nicely!

  2. Wow, you did a great job. I would say you are much handier than you give yourself credit for:)