Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Musings

1. I have decided that I need a pair of nude heels. Actually, as much as I love shoes I don't have many high heel pumps. I'm more of a wedge sandal girl. But, when the weather gets cold {cold weather? What is that?} I have a hard time dressing my feet because the wedge sandals and cute flats are put away.  So, I need to branch out and find some super cute, (relatively) comfortable pumps to get me through the winter.

2. I'm going to Austin this weekend! Can't wait. I'll get to see my SWB BFF and her lovely family. I'm going to get to see my seester. And I'm going to get to see my aunt and my cousin and the two most adorable boys around. How many more days until this week is over?!

3. I am anticipating overtime at work. They are trying to merge two of the systems we use into just one..and well..let's just say that nothing ever goes smoothly. We are working with one foot in and one foot out the door, so to speak. And I just sit back and watch the work pile up and pile up and pile up. So..I am preparing myself {OT paychecks never hurt}.

4. Have y'all ever put macadamia nuts on top of vanilla frozen yogurt? No?! You should totally try's delish!

5. We are on week three of our gym membership and so far, so good. All we HAVE to do is go at least three times a week for at least an hour. That damn elliptical machine totally kicks my ass. I am a red-faced, out of breath, crazy haired, sweat drenched, wobbly legged person after 30 minutes on one of those torture devices. But, it burns a lot of calories.

6. I love that I "catch" my husband checking my blog. {Hi, babe!}


  1. I think you should get these:
    because you could wear them all seasons! I looked for some Jessica Simpson ones (b/c I know they're out there!), but I can't find them!

    I don't think my husband reads my blog (even though I told him he could and I saved it to our Favorite Places on the computer!) He was asking me what I wanted for my b-day the other day and I said something about my Wish List and he was like "There's a wish list on your blog? Why didn't you tell me? It would make things so much easier!" Ha!

  2. good luck at the gym! I just got a membership to a yoga studio by me and i'm loving it, but it is hard to get there sometimes :)