Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I haz a sad

Many moons ago..back in 2003..I think, maybe, I started working in a different department at work. There I met my bestest friend, her name is Jennifer and she has a thing for J names. Don't ask my WHY I wanted to be her friend. She is tall and skinny and gorgeous. Totally someone that I shouldn't be friends with just so I don't have to stand next to her. But, despite her good looks I liked her anyways. Turns out that she and I went to elementary school together for ONE year. She was talking about some of the kids she remembered from school and I was on the other side of the cubicle (you know, in the cubicle farm). I just happened to overhear, not that it was hard seeing as our walls aren't even five feet tall. I recognized many of those names so I had to butt in and ask her about it. We also discovered that she only lived two blocks over from me at that time and would ride her bike down my street all the time. Why? Because I happened to live next door to one of the cutest boys in school and she was totally in love with him. Do you hear that Shay Davis, Jennifer B. was totally crushing on you in the 4th grade. Her and every other girl in school. And we ALSO discovered that my aunt and uncle bought the house she lived in, the fort that was in the backyard that I use to play on was built by her dad. But we never knew each other back then. Weird! Anyway, we became partners in crime...literally, but not on purpose.

For a few years we were pretty tight. Making each other laugh as we poked fun at the management, making 15 minute mad-lunch runs to Sonic for $.99 banana splits. Spending Friday nights on her couch watching HGTV and making mudslides. Becoming the SWB's...stupid white bitches..you totally had to be there, don't even ask. And THEN she did the unthinkable and MOVED away from me. *tear* All the way up into the metroplex, which is hours and hours and HOURS away from here. But luckily, she moved jobs within the company so we were still able to keep in pretty regular contact via emails (which were all totally work related, absolutely..uh-huh). And for the last three years, this is how its been. I go see her, she would come here and visit me, we would keep each other entertained...er..I mean INFORMED...through email all day long. But now, now she has really gone and done it. Today was her last day with our company. *double tear* She is moving to Austin with some boy. Some boy that happens to treat her like a queen but STILL. Plus side, at least this way she will only be hours and hours away...instead of hours and hours and HOURS. Way big time negative side (besides the one where she isn't here still sitting next to me at work) is that there will be no more emails to keep me sane during the day. I don't know how I'm going to survive without her.

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