Monday, November 2, 2009

The Ying to my Yang

Many months ago, my husband broke the lamp that was on my nightstand. He did it while cleaning, so I could hardly get mad. Besides, I didn't really care for the lamp anyways. For one, it was too small. And it was 'themed', with the body being two palm trees. I wasn't all that sad to see it go but that still left me with no lamp.

A few months later, while in San Antonio visiting friends, we ended up in a Super Target. We weren't looking for lamps. Actually we were looking for a storage ottoman in brown. All any store had in stock was the black. Anyways, after not finding the brown ottoman we happened to wonder onto the lightening aisle and I fell in love with this curvy glass lamp base. It was even on sale, so I bought it and a new golden-toned lamp shade.

More months went by, and I started hinting at my husband that maybe we should get him a new lamp as well. There wasn't really anything wrong with the lamp he already had, I mean it worked. But, with my pretty brand new stylish lamp on one side of the bed, his little boring iron lamp looked dinky. And I was still of the opinion that it was also too small. Despite my gentle nudging, I couldn't seem to get him motivated to actually go and look at new lamps....until this evening. And it was even his idea! Whoa.

At first he said he would go with whatever I picked since I might want it to match my lamp. I told him that the lamps didn't have to 'match', they just have to compliment each other. So, instead of going with glass, like mine, or even brushed nickel, we decided on wood. Dark wood, with a chocolate like stain to it. The base has a strong architectural feel to it, which I think works well against my curvy lamp. We tried nearly every shade that was available at the store but I finally decided on something with the same shape as mine but it has a grey tone to it. Both the lamp shades have a subtle sheen to them. Jeremy is playing it off like it's not a big deal, but I think he likes his new lamp. And I love it.

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