Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Put Your Paws Up

I was able to watch Lady Gaga's Monster Ball at Madison Square Garden thanks to HBO On Demand. Who needs to spend all that money on a ticket when you have HBO? I would have totally bought a ticket.

Anyway, my husband isn't a fan. He is old school heavy metal all the way. So Gaga pop is really not his mug of beer. Every once in a while he would poke his head in the room to make a passing comment.

Jeremy: 'I bet you that audience is 80% women and 20% gay men'

Me: 'Oh honey, the audience is way more than 20% gay'


  1. More like 40% women 60% gay men :)

    My boyfriend isn't a fan either but I love her and her music. I don't like Judas as much though because it isn't as catchy!

  2. I just want to clarify that I have nothing against women or gay men. Judas Priest singer Rob HJalford came out of the closet years ago and he is still a Metal God!!

  3. Agh I would LOVE to see her in concert!!! It'd be even better if I went with a bunch of gay men ;)

  4. Ha ha - my husband totally makes fun of me for watching girly stuff (Sex & the City, Sweet Home Alabama, etc.)

  5. My husband is a tatted up, old school, rock and roller, but he loves Gaga. He has watched that HBO Concert at least 4 times.