Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We live in a zoo..part two

Mrs. Biscuit was nice enough to humor me and ask a few more questions (and I promise to answer all of them). One of them was another question about our animals. How in the world did you acquire so many critters? So, here is the rest of the story in order in which they came to live with us. It all started with Squeak. He came to us as a little furball of black hair and squeakiness. A co-worker of mine had a funny habit of taking in strays that she didn't intend to keep. Squeak was one of two kittens she 'fostered' until she talked us in to taking him. He came with his name and it has held true even to this day. Even though he has grown to be a HUMOGO kitty cat he still squeaks when he meows. And purrs like a motorboat. Next was Otto. We came across Otto and his litter-mates at a pet store. Ew..I know. He was such a teeny-tiny kitten and I could not leave him behind. We named him after a skateboarding, scheming, smart-mouthed cartoon character. He is like a third dog because he moochies for food just as bad as they do. He and Squeak have a very deep emotional relationship. And then came Duke..because, well..because we needed a dog. We had moved into our house by then and I needed a dog to protect it (and me). Never mind that I fell in LOVE with a three legged dog that would rather roll over for a belly rub then ever bite anyone. One day I realized that I was surrounded by boys! So off I went to the animal shelter to find me a little girl to bring home (I just wanted a new boys were getting big). We brought Harley home when she was just a very small ball of fluff. She is our least social kitty and is very skittish. Doesn't take much to get her to take off like a rocket. I have to say that she has mellowed out as she has aged. She comes around for lap visits a lot more often now then she use to. Last but not least there came Lola. When we discovered that Lola's mother, Bailey, was pregnant this thought of having a pug named Lola was planted in my brain. I couldn't get rid of it no matter how hard Jeremy I think Jeremy knew we were reaching our maximum capacity of animals in the house but of course, he couldn't deny me. When Bailey had her litter only three puppies survived...two boys....and one girl. I say it was a sign..Jeremy might say it was an omen. We brought Lola home when she was just weeks old. She is sort of my baby and I spoil her rotten. But, how can I not..look at that face! And there you have it. The story behind our motley crew.

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