Saturday, April 25, 2009

Protection ~ Duke's Story

When we first moved into our house, I developed a slight fear/phobia that someone would break into my house. I would often have to get up out of bed to double check the locks on the doors and the windows (even though we never opened the windows). Sometimes I would lay in bed and could not go to sleep because my eyes kept wondering to the pitch black hallway. Jeremy didn't understand it. 'Have you ever had your home broken into?'..he would ask. Well, no. And I've never been physically attacked by someone in my home either. I know, it didn't make sense. I didn't feel protected even though I knew Jeremy would never let anything happen to me.

One day at work, as I was waiting for the elevator to make its way to my floor, I noticed a flyer on the wall. There were often flyers placed on each floor by the elevators to advertise all types of events. The one that caught my eye was for a mobile pet adoption that was being held in a few days. It provided a website to go and view the animals that would be available for adoption. Jeremy and I hadn't really talked about getting a dog at this point, so I'm not sure what compelled me to go to the website..but I did. I wish, so badly, that I had saved the first picture I ever saw of Duke. He looked so sad, so skinny, so scared. I read the quick bio about him. He was a 'special need' dog. Turns out Duke was missing a leg. It doesn't seem that his previous owner had protected him. I was very interested in Duke, but I didn't mention him to Jeremy. Instead, on the day of the mobile adoption (that was at the mall), I told Jeremy I needed to go look for a new pair of jeans. Sneaky, I know.

When we walked into the mall there were several people holding on to several leashes attached to several dogs. Duke was actually the first dog to hop over and say hello. He actually leaned against my legs and looked up with the warmest brown eyes ever. My heart melted, right there on the spot. Jeremy likes to say he didn't stand a chance. It would have been pretty hard for him to tell me (and Duke) no. So, we took him home that day. Now, I know that a scrawny (he only weighed 22 lbs when we got him), slightly handicapped (and understandably clumsy), collie mix isn't exactly guard dog material. But, I felt protected with Duke in the house, sleeping by the bed at night. He needed a home, and I needed him. He is the most sweet natured dog on the planet, a lover..not a fighter. However, I know in my heart that if anyone came into my home and threatened me Duke would protect me the best he could.


  1. What a sweet dog! The photos of him are beautiful.

  2. Aloha!
    Beautiful dog!! Great take for this week's PH theme.

    I've got my own protection as well!
    Do stop by

  3. What a truly lovely story of how you came to be together. Duke is absolutely beautiful and I am sure hw will be a wonderful asset to your lives. What a brave dog to have undergone tragedy in his life before but it looks like he has definitely fell on his feet now with you (No pun intended). I wish you both a happy life together.