Wednesday, April 6, 2011

When I Grow Up

If you could do anything for work regardless of income what would you do?

I'd be an artist. I'd paint and draw and photograph and write. They say practice makes perfect and I think over time I could really build my talent into something that would turn profitable...eventually. I know I have the 'bones' for it..the raw talent to create..but I've only taken elementary courses back in high school. You know, the standard art class...creative writing class.

I still have stories I wrote, graded papers(in red ink and everything), from my creative writing class.

I can still remember the thrill I got from rolling film in a pitch black room for processing, trying so hard to keep from touching the film too much.

I remember a pencil drawing I did of an old time actress in her black silk evening gown. I wish I could remember who she was..all I know is I got the picture from one of my Mom's People magazines. It was one of my better pieces of work..the teacher gave me a A+++. I gave it away to a co-worker years ago...wish I hadn't done that.

I would write funny and witty short stories for this here blog. I would write novels! I would take pictures of babies and engaged couples. I would take pictures of water and clouds and flowers. I would paint huge installments on beautiful canvas! I would just create to my hearts content.

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  1. And I did all of those things too! I was trying to follow in your footsteps Seester 1!