Monday, April 11, 2011

Idol can kiss my cottage cheese butt

You know, I use to never understand why people would get so worked up about something, take such offense as to call for an out-right boycott of something. I use to think..what's the point. But now I am starting to understand, just a little.

After hearing this story on the radio this morning I was shocked. I mean, at first I was just mildly put off...well, that was very rude of American Idol to treat that girl like that. And then...THEN...I hear that this girl is 5'2" and 150 lbs. Y'all should have SEEN the look of horror I gave my radio.

That is me.

And let me tell you, if anyone were to call me chubby I'd be sorely tempted to pop them in the face.

I won't go around demanding that anyone stop watching AI..I doubt that will happen. But, I'm glad that I don't watch it. Because I would have had to stop. And I won't ever watch it again. But for those of you who will, be sure to notice the skinny girls in the front row because I'd hate to think that this girl was insulted for no reason.


  1. Are you KIDDING me?! Eff American Idol! I don't watch it and I'm so glad now that I don't!!

  2. OMG how mortifying. I can't tell you that I'm surprised by this though. Fat and looks discrimination happens all the time. My sister went to a club with a group of friends and they didn't let one of the girls in because she wasn't "pretty" enough for the club.

    That definitely made me nervous ever stepping foot in that club ... how do you deal with something like that? it's so hurtful!

    She was with her friends too and for them to all to witness this is inexplicably CRUEL

  3. i hadn't heard this until now! that show just sucks, i'm glad i don't watch it. how mean is that, seriously. i'm glad she said something.