Monday, March 14, 2011


About a week ago I participated in Fill In the Blank Friday and one of the questions was about quirks. At the time I couldn't think of one single quirk..but since then I have discovered a few.

1. I HATE wearing pantyhose/tights. I wore pantyhose on my wedding and even today I wonder why I felt compelled to torture myself like that. And I don't care how skinny you are..pantyhose are always gonna squeeze your middle and roll down. Yes they are..don't even try to convince me otherwise.

2. When I'm eating a pint of ice cream I always keep the nutritional value facing away from me. I think we all know where this quirk stems from..but it is still a quirk.

3. The extent of my baby talking to my animals is a little embarrassing. It gets so bad that I'm making up words. I'm pretty sure I contain myself when other people are over or if we take the dogs out. At least, I haven't noticed anyone looking at my like I'm a crazy person so I think I keep it in check when in polite company. Hopefully Jeremy will never get the bright idea to record me and post it on youtube although I'm sure I would get a million hits and end up on Tosh.0.


  1. Haha, I love your comment about pantyhose! When I was at my thinnest I had a pair that was a bit too big, and you're totally right, they bunched at my waist, rolled down and, to make things even worse, sagged in the crotch. NOT cute, not comfortable, just bad!

    p.s. we totally talk to our cats. It's super embarrassing to get caught, but the mister and I can't seem to help ourselves!
    Happy Monday =)

  2. I can also attest to pantyhose rolling on a skinny body. They are the debbil. I own a few pairs but haven't wiggled into them for many many years.