Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jin and Jerm's Big Hawaiian Adventure Part 2

We made it down to Poipu Beach and the Hyatt, where I told Jeremy just to wait for me as I hopped out to see when our room would be ready. It wasn't even 11:00am yet and I knew that a lot of placed didn't start checking people in until after noon...never mind the fact that we had just made the reservation THAT morning.

When I walked into the marble floored lobby this was the view that greeted me:

It took my breath away. This..THIS was the Hawaii I was looking for. I picked my jaw up off the floor and tried not to skip over to the check in desk. I told the man behind the counter that we had just made our reservation that morning so I was just checking on when we could get into our room. The lovely man told me that our room was ready right then. Are you kidding me? Someone pinch me.

I flagged down Jeremy and told him to come on in since we were checking in right that very minute. The lovely man asked us if we were in Hawaii for a honeymoon or anniversary and when we told him for our 10 year anniversary he asked if we would like a bottle of champagne delivered to our room. I looked over at Jeremy and then back to the lovely man behind the counter. And then, then I totally channeled my Mom and asked "Well, how much would it cost?" The lovely man didn't even bat an eyelash even though I'm sure he was rolling his eyes at me on the inside, "It's complimentary, ma'am". Complimentary....as in free? For real? Um..yes, please!

The first thing I noticed when I walked into our room was that there was air conditioning..which meant the room was cool and DRY. No more tropical funk. This was the view from our lanai:

We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the resort grounds. The trees, the flowers, the pools, the birds. They had exotic birds in cages, and others uncaged, all over the grounds with plates next to them telling you what their names were and what kind of birds they were.

And we finally...finally got our feet in some sand down on the uncrowded crescent shaped beach:
After fully absorbing every part of heavenly resort we made our way back to our wonderfully air conditioned room to find our complimentary bottle of champagne waiting for us:


  1. ooooooohhhhhh!

    I really need to o there one day.

  2. SCHUH-WEEEEEEEET!!! Y'all have fun!