Sunday, January 10, 2010


Black cardigan: Old Navy
Purple sleeveless blouse: JC Pennys
Skinny Jeans: JC Pennys
Black peep-toe pumps: Ross
Charm Necklace: Forever21

Sometimes, when I am out shopping, I have a hard time decided on buying something or not buying it. What color? How many other things can I wear it with? You get the idea. It can be a little overwhelming for me and I might put everything back and leave with nothing..just because I can't make up my mind.

If I can give myself a second to pull it together, I will ask myself...WWJD. What would Jennifer do? My best friend has a great sense of style. It's simple and yet she always looks very put together. She has a knack for putting together outfits that are easy but look like you put a lot of thought into them. While out shopping with her she always tells me, 'Keep it simple'. So, it was her voice I was hearing while in Old Navy with a black cardi in my hand. I knew I was going to get it..but should I get another one? In what color? Oh my gosh..I need to get out of here. lol. I ended up with just the black cardi, but I already love it.

At the end of last year, my workplace decided to start fully enforcing the dress code. This meant no more 'tank tops'. The purple top I am wearing happens to be sleeveless and I tried to argue with my boss that it was NOT a tank top, but a sleeveless blouse. But she didn't really care and so I haven't worn it for months. Thanks to my new cardigan I was able to pull it out from the back of the closet and rock it out. This outfit was simple and yet it made me feel feminine and put together. Jennifer has taught me well.

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