Friday, January 8, 2010

I blame my ADD

I've been coming to my blog every day..sitting here...trying to think of something to post. Nothing has really come to mind.

I mean, I have a head full of stuff. I've just been having a hard time pinning down any one topic. That's my ADD at work. Have I ever mentioned that I have ADD? Well..I do, mildly. I use to take medication for it, but that was when I was very young. Some might say I've grown out of it..but I say I've grown into my ADD. My adult brain can now easily recognize when my thoughts are wondering and my focus is lacking. I love to make lists (please see all the 'random ramblings' posts on this blog). I have a hard time focusing at work if I am bored or tired. Sometimes I have to coach myself to stop daydreaming and pay attention.

Sometimes, when Jeremy and I are in the car..both lost in mind will wonder. I will start with one thought which will lead to another, and then another..and so on..until I blurt out something that makes no sense to Jeremy because it is completely out of context. So, most of the time I preface myself by quickly telling him my chain of thoughts so he will understand how I got to where I am. lol.

Let me see if I can come up with a good example....hhhmmmm. OK, let's say Jeremy and I are driving along in the car and I say 'Hey, honey. Jennifer and Josh set their wedding date for xx/xx/xx.' He would say something we'll have to mark the calendar or whatever and then we both lapse into silence...

This is my brain at work..

I could be thinking about Jennifer and her wedding plans.

And because I thought of Jennifer, I might start thinking about elementary school because we went to the same one.

And Elementary school might make me think of Shay Davis..who Jennifer had a crush on (all the girls did), and how he lived next door to me.

Which might get me thinking about that one time a neighbors German Shepherd got out and chased Shay and his friend around his front yard.

And thinking about a German Shepherd would make me think of Paula's dog, Duchess, who recently passed.

And thinking about that might make me think about my own dogs and when that time might come for them and how I will feel....

AND THEN..out of total silence in the car I would say... "I don't want Lola and Duke to die".

And Jeremy will look at me like I'm crazy.


  1. hahaha. i love it

  2. I do that, too!!! Maybe my problem is ADD. I wish I had the "H," because then I'd run around all the time, and lose this stupid weight. :)

  3. Too funny, I am the EXACT same way! I'm glad someone else out there does the same random stuff! I have ADD too STILL and haven't taken anything for it in a while.. Speaking of which, I need to make that drs appt. LOL..