Sunday, January 3, 2010

The First Three Days

~ Found out my best friend got engaged! YAY!

~ Had a hangover

~ Bought full price jeans at a store that is closing...ridiculous!

~ Also bought a new cardi and two tank tops that WERE on sale.

~ Spent an entire day in bed (see second bullet)

~ Finished my first book on my new Kindle

~ Received the shoes I was suppose to wear on New Years Eve

~ Decided to keep the shoes because you just never know when you might need blinged out heels (see first bullet)

~ Celebrated Jeremy's 31st birthday

~ Bathed the dogs

~ Cancelled my Weight Watchers membership

~ Went and saw Avatar...great movie, two thumbs up!

~ Fell in love with my husband all over's really not that hard to do..seems to happen a lot actually

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