Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sometimes I wish

Sometimes I wish my cats would ignore me. But they usually don't.

Harley yells at us, she is very demanding, especially in the evening and in the morning. It's to the point that sometimes I yell back at her..'Harley, SHUT UP!' She sits up on my vanity as I am getting dressed for work and actually stands up on two legs to grab at me. There is no ignoring her.

Squeak talks...a lot. You don't even have to be talking to him and he will talk to you.

Otto. If any of our cats ignore us, it would be Otto. But, there are still plenty of times that it is nearly impossible to get rid of him. He wants to be on your lap and even if you push him off he always, always comes back. He also likes to come and sit on me while I'm in bed. I'm usually laying on my side, and he crawls right up there and makes himself comfortable on my hip. Strange cat.


  1. It's ok. I have a stray charity case cat that won't leave me alone.

    I love her. And she knows it. So she knows she can go on the porch and shred my patio furniture cushions and get away with it.

    Ingrate. :P

    But yea, she won't let me ignore her either. She literally snatches my arm if I'm not petting her enough. And she jumps into the pets, like she's some attention-starved thing.

    Pft. Cats.

  2. cats kind of scare me. they are just so unpredictable. one second they are letting you pet their belly they next they are clawing your arm apart!