Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekend Highlights

1. No rain on my drive up there or on the way home...Yay! I HATE driving in the rain, add that in with crazy ass drivers and road construction. Yuck. Me no likey. But the drive was perfect and I didn't even get lost once.

2. Britany Spears Concert. Oh yeah! The show was great!!! We had huge ass half yard margaritas and everyone kept telling us how cute our shirts were. We were singing and dancing in our seats. The ONLY negative of the evening were these three teenage girls that were in front of us. They stood up and danced the whole time. Doesn't sound like that big of a deal. But these girls were dancing...get my drift. And they were wearing little bitty skirts. You see where I'm going?
Aren't we so cute?! I love this picture so much.

Do you SEE how short their skirts are? Oy Vey. Jennifer was having a heart attack..she has a daughter and is now tempted to lock her up until she is 21.

3. The guys at the bar being SHOCKED that I have been married for nearly ten years. I LOVE shocking people with that little gem. One guy actually stopped me to say 'You really are a very pretty girl'. Aw, that was nice. So not use to THAT.

Foxy ladies!

4. Chatting up the local old drunk guy at the bar (hey, he was talking to me..I couldn't be rude and ignore him) and having him guess my age. He got it right on the first try. And then he guessed that Jennifer was 36. She nearly beat him up for that one.

5. Blaring Miley Cyrus 'Party in the USA' in a car full of boys (there were three girls and five boys, we were out numbered)...and the boys are singing it.

6. Shopping with Jennifer and Jaiden. Especially for shoes that we really shouldn't be buying. I ended up buying four new tops, two necklaces, two rings, and one pair of shoes. Not a bad haul.

7. Pei Wei...hello.

8. Sitting on the patio in our PJ's drinking coffee in the morning. I love that we can sit there...with our hair a little crazy and pinned up, smudged mascara, no bras and still just be comfortable with each other.

9. Sleeping with Jazzy Rose. I love that dog.

10. Visiting with Julia. I was able to drive on up to Denton and see Julia's new house. They built it and are still getting situated, but I can tell that Julia is very proud of their new home. And I am very proud of her. I enjoyed our lunch so much. I just wish I had more time to visit. Next trip I make up that way, Julia, it's you and me girl. I'm going back for that Jessica Simpson purse!

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