Thursday, September 10, 2009

ANTM: Recap

Catch phrase of the season? "I'm not mad at it". Both of the Jay's used it during the first hour of the premire. I tried looking it up on Urban Dictionary to help explain, but it's not listed. Imagine that. I wonder if it will be the next 'FIERCE'. The girls went right into their make-overs, which is unusual. They usually make them sweat it out for at least a few weeks. It's still too early in the season to really pin point their personalities, but I can say that some of my predictions might have been just a little off. Let's go to the pictures!

Ashley. I like her makeover, it makes her look younger. I had to crop the heck out of the last photo, and I hate that. It was edited long ways instead of up and down. She did a very good job of working it on a couch.

Bianca. Oh Bianca. Ok so, she isn't from the streets. The first clip of her solo interview was about how she is college educated and could have a conversation with Collen Powell. I thought 'uh oh, I was so wrong about her'. But her ghetto-ness could not be denied or contained. She gave us the first "I'm not here to make friends" (she probably couln't make friends even if she wanted to because of her stank ass attitude) and also the hissy about her 'makeover' which really wasn't a makeover at all. They bleached her eyebrows. Yep, that's it. And she complained about it, along with her makeup and outfit at the photo shoot. Are you freakin' kidding me? Models get paid to shut up and work it..not bitch and moan. She was in the bottom two and barely made it by. She better check herself.

Brittany. She goes brunette and can't keep her mouth shut. But she is proof that brains can be sexy, turns out she is a math whiz.

Courtney. Bless her heart. She hurt herself at a cheerleading event, broke her foot. So, she is hobbeling around with crutches and a boot. She isn't cheerleader bubbly, like I thought she would be. The judges are already commenting on her toned body. How exactly is she suppose to help that? She can't make herself LESS toned, not over night anyways. This just might spell her doom. The judges just love to take something that the girl really can't help and kick her off for it.

Erin. Girl is working the ice blonde hair. MAJOR! I don't really care for her photo. It's a little too stiff and flat for me. Only time will tell if she can kick it up a notch.

Jennifer. The asian cutie who likes to stick out her booty. lol. Her photo was great, she really stretched her body across the whole frame (again, I had to edit it..sorry). Smart for a shortie.

Kara. Welp, since Bianca is obviously going to be our mega-bitch..I don't know about Kara anymore. Just looking at these three photos though, I'm putting her on the short list. Something tells me she won't last. I don't know what it is exactly.

Laura. Laura is country! I mean country. She's from Kentucky and the girl cracks me up every time she opens her mouth. Totally not what I was expecting. I like her and hope she stays around.

Lulu. Still think she is adorable. She worked it out on her photo shoot. Love it.

Nicole. Not exactly hippy, but she is an odd duck. Supposedly her nickname when she was a baby was Bloody Eyeball. OOOOOOkkkk. Her quirky quietness might get her in trouble later.

Rachel. The makeover was spot on. I shall call her Bambie Jr. from now on.

Rae. I was right, nearly every sentence out of her mouth was about her baby and how she was going to suck it up. She didn't do the ugly cry, yet. She won this week and rightly so. The photo rocks and she was tortured with 8-inch on-pointe heels. Ouch!

Sundai. What did I say about the weave? She was swimming in it. The shorter hair do suits her better. But her photo was blah. She looked like she was about to pass out. Erin needs to let her borrow some of that tension.

Lisa. She was sent home last night. The outfit and balloons just seem to overwhelm her. And she looks really pissed about it.

Well, wasn't that fun?! My sister was texting me all night long. She use to come over on Wednesday nights and we would watch ANTM together. But now she is far away in Dallas, texting is the next best thing.

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  1. ooohhh just watched the second episode on the plane yesterday. haven't seen the first one, but i guess i kind of got the jist. I was a little irked by the arm muscle tone comment...eww muscle, gross, how unmodelly?? also thought the red head girl is a bit odd.. this show is one of my guilty pleasures!