Wednesday, September 9, 2009

ANTM: Shorty Edition

Sundai, 18, 5'3". Too much weave! She reminds me of a little girl playing dress up in a wig. She is the shortest girl this season, and it shows in this picture.
Rae, 21, 5'6". Cute girl. She is a mother, so I'm already envisioning a lot of crying and a lot of "I'm missing so much to be here". We'll she if she lasts.

Rachel, 18, 5'5". She's from California..she works in customer service. She has a pretty face. I have nothing...yet.

Nicole, 18, 5'7". I really like her face, it's very unique. I'm going to guess hippy-dippy chick. It's just a guess, so we'll find out.

Lulu, 19, 5'7". Isn't she precious? I like her look too. She is our gay girl for the season.

Lisa, 19, 5'5". She better learn real quick how to use that body, because already she is looking very short..even shorter than Sundai.

Laura, 19, 5'6". You see that face? I bet it's the only one she knows how to give. One trick pony, maybe?

Kara, 19, 5'7". That smile is saying something. I just can't tell if it's more 'Yeah, I'm a bad ass and I know it. Watch me make these other girls bleed with my sharp tongue' or 'Hey boys, looking for a date?' Her body, on the other hand, is all 'Oh hai, I'm a mannequin'.

Jennifer, 23, 5'5". Her occupation is modeling. I hope her experience saves her because she is the oldest girl this season. 23 is practically DEAD in the modeling field.

Cortney, 22, 5'4". She's a cheer instructor. Bubbly and perky...until the other girls beat her down.

Erin, 18, 5'6". Another question mark. Meh. Maybe a little spoiled, but it's just a vibe.

Brittany, 21, 5'5". HHmm, I'm getting attitude from her face AND her body. I bet she's the mega-bitch of the house.

Bianca, 21, 5'7". She looks like she is in pain in this picture. Don't know what that's about, but I'm going to take a stab and say she is from "the streets" and had a rotten childhood. Mark my words.

Ashley, 22, 5'6". Pretty girl. I love her outfit.

*rubs hands together* Alright, it's almost time for the show to begin. I wish someone would make an ANTM bingo! Who cries first? Who has what life threatening diesese (I know its not funny really, but there is always that ONE girl)? Who is going to throw a fit when they cut off all her hair (the last few seasons have had mild makeovers, I'm ready for some hissy)? Who's the first to say they aren't there to make friends? And which girl is Lulu going to be crushin' on?

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