Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I own the clothes, they don't own me

On a suggestion from a reader, E at Am I the Elephant in the Room?, I took my new red and black plaid shirt to my mother-in-law. I showed her how it might look a little shorter and we both agreed that it would be better hemmed. The style is actually leaning towards a longer, almost tunic like, length. Sadly, being vertically challenged, I cannot rock the look. ha ha.

So, here it was before:

And here it is today:

Thank you, E, for the suggestion. The shirt was cute before, but all it takes is a small tweak and now it looks amazing.


  1. YOU look amazing.

  2. Adorable! I am all for alterations, as well!!

  3. OoOoOoO, me likey! By the way, what does your weekends look like in October? Let me know so I can talk to the keeper of the keys about heading to the lake :)

  4. cute, cute cute!! that E, what a smarteeee! haha