Friday, September 4, 2009

Random Ramblings

~ I think I'm going to have to give up the flats. I really just don't look very good in them because I am so short..and hippy. I tried on the cutest pair at Payless tonight. Cream colored with some sort of thread that shined running threw it all. Totally cute...totally didn't work for my short ass self. lol.

~ I love a good deal. Bought a new bracelet and pair of earrings tonight, and because I spent over $20 I got this adorable black and silver tote bag for $5.00. Heck yeah.

~ I hate waiting for stuff. period..the end.

~ This whole writing business is driving me crazy. How in the hell do people write entire books? I want to learn more. I have come across different writing weekends and Romance Writers of America chapters here in Texas...just no where close to me. Of course. I live out here in the middle of freakin' no where so there just aren't a lot of opportunities to grow and learn. Please see previous bullet. I'm not giving up on it though. I can't! All I do is sit at work and think about my stupid book...and the stupid story line..and the stupid characters. I love it..and yet, I do not know how to move forward. It's very frustrating.

~ Jeremy wants me to add that football is awesome.
~ except when the Cowboys are playing like crap.

~ Took a family portrait, with all the cats and dogs, for a possible Christmas card. Super cute.

~ I have a goal to get the outside of the house painted by the end of the year. Fortunately, we have family members willing to help. Now all I have to do is pick a color. *groan* But you can help! Here are three options that I like very much, all of these options for the actual house. The trim itself is going to be white. What do y'all think?


  1. I pick the colour on the left.
    I have a really hard time deciding on anything! I am a maximizer (you should read "The Paradox of Choice" if you share my deciding problem! When I was choosing colours for my house, rather then going into the paint store with no idea and then falling in love with almost every colour ("orange is nice...ooohhh so is purple"), I decided what I wanted before going in. At the paint store i grabbed two paint chips I like and just decided - this one, or that one? I absolutely loved the colour I chose and have never regretted it because I knew it was really what i wanted before i ever went to the store and was swayed by all the lovely colours.
    Sorry, long ramble there.