Sunday, February 22, 2009

Please stop the music

We went out last night to a little local bar that was hosting several local bands. The place was packed, like 'this can't be legal' packed. Going from your table to the bathroom was like navigating an obstacle course. I was rubbed against at least 50 times by people squeezing past our table. Jeremy knocked over a bottle of beer. My eyes were stinging from the thick smoke. But I WAS wearing some kick ass high heeled shoes, which made it all ok. Until the music started.

I've never been a stickler about my music. If it has a good beat and I can sing along with it, I pretty much like it. If it has a good beat, I can sing along with it, and I can RELATE to it then I might even love it. Stuff that I might not like at first can certainly grow on me. Basically what I'm trying to say is my music palette is pretty varied and un-bias. I'm willing to give almost anything a listen or two.

But, being with a man who is wonderful on the guitar and has very strong leanings to music that could be now be classified as 'classic rock' but that we like to call 'heavy metal' has slightly colored my opinion of other bands. *shew..I know that is one serious run on sentence* I am more moved by listening to my husband play the guitar in our living room than I was by any of those bands last night. I had one of two problems with nearly every single band, sometimes both problems at the same time.

One..the music is sloppy. It's very loud and very distorted, which can camoflauge many sins. It makes me wonder what they are hiding..maybe the fact that they can play, just not very well. If they were to take all of that away, unplug, what would their music sound like? And would it be any good?

Two..the lead singers can't sing. Or, if they can, I couldn't hear them because everything else was turned up so loud. And because I either couldn't hear them..or I couldn't understand them (some were loud enough to hear..but then they screamed and my eyes rolled back in my head) I couldn't stay interested in the music.

We didn't even get through the first song of the very last band because the singer was screaming his little emo head off. It was 1:00 in the morning, and I was just done. So, it was fun to be was fun to dress up a little and look was fun to do a little people watching. But, I'll stick to the private concerts in my own living room.

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