Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Where I try to catch up..

Hey there! I know I've been away for a bit. I noticed that I even lost a reader (even though I only had five). Ah well, life know. Actually, nothing much HAS been happening and thus my lack of posting. It's basically been work and working out. lol. I have been very focused on my weight loss.

~ At work, about 10 women (myself included) have started a weight loss challenge. Everyone paid in $25 and we weigh in every Monday (last weigh in March 23). AND, if you gain anything you have to pay in $2 per pound. Yikes! I know, right. Well, I'm not doing so great. I actually gained a pound back on Monday..and out of the 10 I am third from the bottom! That is unacceptable. My Mom even sweetened the pot and told me if I win she will give me ANOTHER $100. SSSooo, needless to say I have been back on track this week. Wish me luck.

~ In seven short days we will be on our way to San Antonio for a long weekend! I can't wait. We need to get the heck out of town for a little bit. We are going to see Jeff, a lot of ha-ha's, and we are going to see The Watchmen at the IMAX, which will make the guys real happy. We'll be eating some good food and doing some shopping. I am just SO excited!!

~ Between our tax return and my bonus we have a little money in our pockets. First things, first...Jeremy went BACK to the dentist. I feel bad for him and wish his teeth would just be healthy already. He's not in any pain this time around, thank goodness, but it was the same problem as the last tooth and so we already know that if we put it off he WILL be in pain eventually. I made him go while we had the money to have it fixed. Dang that whole being responsible business..sometimes it really sucks. BUT, we have money left over! And so we are going to buy a new mattress set. We have never, ever bought a brand new mattress set. We have always used hand-me-downs. We've already been to look and know what we are going to get! It feels nice to know that we will be able to pay for it outright. No more financing!

~ Jeremy sold a bunch of stuff on ebay and made $500!! Can you believe it?! I am so proud of him for finding an alternate way to make some extra cash. After he made all of that money he sat on it, because he knew exactly what he wanted. A ESP Explorer..the orignal body shape. He had one years ago and we had to pawn it..chalk it up to youth. He has been yearning for another one ever since. They come up on ebay every now and again, but he has never had the cash-ola to even put a bid in..until now. So, he has the money and he is waiting and waiting for another one to come up. Of course, nothing. He is getting slightly frustrated and impatient..ha ha. But I keep telling him that it will come..the perfect one. And, it did. He just happened to do a google seach for 'esp explorer' and he found a craigs list ad. We have never used craigs list, so we weren't sure how it worked when the item was in Boston and we are here in Texas. But, I encouraged Jeremy to reach out to the seller and just see what he said. AAAnnndd, the seller was very open to shipping it to us. It's on its way.

~ I have something very special planned as an anniversary present for Jeremy. I can't say anything about it yet..ha ha. Actually, I probably can't give any details until after our anniversary on April 1. But, I can hardly contain myself I am so excited about it. Trust me, it's very..very hard to keep my mouth closed.

~ I'm planning on doing a 'picture a day' type thing next month. I've used my camera less and less this year and that doesn't make me happy at all. So, I want to challenge myself to take pictures every day and share at least one of them here every day.


  1. Congrats on the tax return and on Jeremy getting his Gibson. There are a couple of things we intend to do once the proverbial ship rolls in, and I totally relate.

    (I suck at keeping secrets from the hub too, and feel your pain. I know it will be fab, whatever it is!)

  2. a Gibson? awe3some!

    I like the weight loss challenge u guys put yourselves into! the bet for weight gain is strong incentive for NOT gaining indeed.

  3. Good luck on the weight loss. I can't seem to get motivated these days. sigh....

    sounds like you have some happy things going on. That is great!

    have a good weekend!