Tuesday, November 25, 2008

So this is what a de-thawing turkey feels like

At work today I was trying to decide why the 'powers that be' feel the need to keep the work area at near freezing temps.

Maybe they think it will keep up productivity? Keep working and keep warm.

Prevent people from falling asleep at their desks? Nodding off is nearly impossible when your teeth are chattering out of your head.

Or maybe, just maybe, it's all just a cruel joke. They just like to see how far they can push it. You might ask why..but the 'powers that be' ask why not. Sure our employees are all bundled up like Eskimos. And perhaps we've lost a finger or two to frost bite. But's its funny! Especially when they turn blue!

I swear it was liking working in a meat locker today. Just brand my ass as grade A roast beef. I had on a long sleeve shirt with not one, but two zip up hoodies on top of that. In between orders I would pull my hands into the sleeves and blow on my poor frozen fingers.

And if you complain they actually bring a instant temp reader and test how cold it actually is in your area. Per some sort of standard...that I'm sure is printed SOMEWHERE..although I've never read it..the building is allowed to be anywhere from 65 to 82 degrees...or SOMETHING to that effect. Basically the 'powers that be' have written in a very wide range of temps that it is "allowed" to be, to basically cover their butts. So if your area doesn't fall outside of this substantial range then you are just out of luck.

Ah, here's my boss now.

And some of my co-workers..Moe, Larry and Curly. Morning, guys!

Here is my office. Please have a seat.

What's that? You feel a little chilly? I hadn't really noticed.


  1. That's right Jinny - you're grade A top choice meat!!!

  2. i totally feel you on the cold office....i broke down a bought a space heater during the summer...yeah, SUMMER.

  3. So, are there any rules explicitly against building a bonfire in the office? And tossing in furniture periodically?

  4. LOL LOVE IT! I live in frigid Michigan. We have the opposite. Our office is so friggin hot you could die. I use a fan all winter...PS My boss has horns...