Saturday, November 24, 2007

Photo Hunt: Hot

“Every year around this time there is supposed to be a drought. It's hot every summer. That's the way weather works.” ~ Nomi Ghez

In the middle of a Texas summer you have to make your own fun...which usually involves ways to stay cool. Last summer we had some fun with a water balloon sling shot. We all took turns holding the ends while someone (that's my nephew in the picture above) loads a water balloon in the sling and pulls back to let her fly. Now, other members of the family were crazy enough (I blame the heat) to go running around in the backyard TRYING to get hit by the water balloons.

It was a riot and there has been talk by the men folk in the family of actually rigging that sling shot on some poles attached to the deck. Imagine the distance you could get on a balloon that way.


  1. That looks like a lot of fun!

    My photo hunt is up too!

  2. The water balloon sling shot sounds like fun. I bet you all had a great time. I think Texas summer is not far from Philippine summer. :)