Friday, November 23, 2007

"Youth comes but once in a lifetime." ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Besides Thanksgiving we also celebrated my nephews birthday yesterday. His actual birthday was on Wednesday, but he got all his gifts and cake yeterday. He demanded that we ALL sing happy birthday to him. He wouldn't settle for less. His Nanny bought him a pair of green camoflage house slippers and he nearly had a fit because he doesn't have any green camoflage pajamas to wear with them. He has blue camoflage PJ's...but that still won't work. I've never seen a kid fuss so much over what he is wearing. He also loves to have his picture taken and he must see it right after. Or he will ask to watch a video I made on my camera of him dancing from months ago. He just loves to see himself. My husband and I gave him a toy guitar as his gift. Once it was out of the packaging and he had it in his hot little hands all of the above behavior started making perfect sense. He has found his the next Guitar Hero!

*I had a super cute video of him jamming out, but Blogger hates me and won't post it.

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