Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Have a seat at my table

Let's talk dining room tables. I've been scrolling through Pinterest until my thumb aches, looking at beautifully decorated dining rooms. I've had a hard time finding inspiration because the majority of pins are geared towards formal dining rooms OR people with much more space than me. But if I search 'small space dining room', I'm flooded with eating spaces for tiny homes (like under 1000 sq. ft. tiny homes).  Here is the closet pin I found to match what I see in my mind:

So, I'm trying to piece together my own inspiration.

Our dining area is actually in our kitchen. I guess you'd say we have an eat-in kitchen. For as long as we've lived in this house we have had the same pedestal table with matching chairs. I'm rather in love with the table other than the hunter green base. It has a wood stained top and a drop leaf that folds into the table. I'd love to keep it and maybe re-paint the base to something lighter...white or the whatever blue we pick for the lower cabinets.

Now the chairs on the other hand. I can take them or leave them. They have the same wood stained as the table on the seats and the back and legs are the hunter green. So I could technically repaint the hunter green parts on them as well and just be done with it (which I still might do). OR, I could buy some new chairs. These are a few that have caught my eye:

I could go super modern on the chairs. Mix the traditional pedestal table with something much funkier. I really love the look of these chairs but I'm undecided about the practicality of them. We use our dining room table for much more than eating. It's like our hobby table as well (as you can see from the photo above), and I'm trying to imagine sitting for hours in one of these chairs (even though the reviews mention how comfortable they are).

I could keep it more traditional, but updated with an X-back dining chair. I like the different color options on this chair. I like the rattan seat as well.

I haven't quite decided which way I want to go. I guess I should probably talk it over with the husband (since he hasn't seen any of these pictures until now) and get his input.

I've also been looking at lighting. We have three different lightening set ups in our kitchen. We have the "chandelier" that goes over the dining room table, the main light that goes over the galley kitchen, and the task lightening over the sink. We have beautiful Tiffany-inspired light fixtures right now. As lovely as they are, they tint all the color coming out of them in a yellow hue. Against the yellow of the walls my kitchen has never been what you would call 'bright'.

So, I'm ready to lighten things up.

Right now we have a single flush-mount fixture in the kitchen. I want to update it with an "island" lightening. This will be all in the scale. I want something with multiple lights, but my kitchen can't handle a huge light fixture.

I like both of these fixtures. In one of the reviews on the top fixture, the customer actually removed the rounded bottom of the cage, so it was more like an open basket. That is always an option. Each of these will really rely on how close we can get them to the ceiling (there are no cathedral height ceilings here).

I like both of these for over the sink. They are pretty similar, so I think it's going to be easier to decide on the task lightening.

And then, the dining room "chandelier".  I looked at a lot of light fixtures. The range of chandelier styles kind of boggles my mind. It was easy to get drawn into the larger, more elaborate chandeliers. But I had to keep reminding myself of the space I was shopping for and the style I was trying to achieve. And I think I found the perfect thing.

It's simple. But stylish. It's not too large and has clean lines. I like that it won't interrupt the view of the room, but it's still eye-catching.
So what do y'all think of mix-and-matching chairs and tables? Do you like all of your chairs to match in style in color?

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