Friday, February 19, 2016


2016, so far.

1. The dishwasher leaked (again) and pretty much destroyed what was left of our already ratched kitchen floor. I am determined to get the floor replaced this year (it WILL be done!).

2. Jeremy's Grandfather passed away.

3. Our older than dirt dryer retired (i.e. stopped drying). Short of having to finish up some already washed laundry at my Grandma's house, this was a small hiccup since we had a new dryer two days later. (Jeremy is still trying to make friends with the new doesn't seem to like him)

4. I finally finished my cross stitch that I have been working on for a year.

5. Jeremy and I went to a lyp-synch battle. Us, out on a Thursday night! We are wild and crazy. (Never mind that we were still home and in bed by 10:30)

6. I've discovered the greatness of a good cider.

7. My football team won the superbowl. (My sister still owes me a drink) I'm not sure where my loyalties will lie next year if Payton decides to retire.

8. Jeremy took me to a play. It was a short and funny comedy about dating, mating, and marriage. I'm not sure we've ever been to a play together before (if we have, it was because my sister was in it..oh, did you not sister is wicked talented).

9. I've been stitching up a whole pile of cute burp clothes to give as gifts. It's the season for having babies, apparently.

10. I've seen exactly ONE movie at the theatre. (How to be Single, if you must know).

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