Saturday, October 24, 2015

On the menu for this week

When Pinterest first became a thing, I didn't really think it would ever become my go-to for 'how to do all the things'. But, it has grown into something I use nearly as much as Google when I want to know how to make something.

I especially use it for menu planning. I make a two-week dinner menu before our bi-monthly shopping trip. Along with some standard menu items, I like to try a few new dishes. Enter Pinterest. It's where I go to gather all those recipes that I want to try. And where I go to flip through my Pins, like a new cookbook, to decide which ones I'll try this time around.

So, I wanted to share the new menu items I'm going to try this week.

When we were out at my in-law's last weekend they were talking about Shepherd's Pie. Turns out it was on pretty heavy rotation when my husband was growing up. I have never hade Shepherd's Pie before so I thought I would try it out. Most recipes I found include peas and carrots, but this is not how my husband's mom made it. So, I'm using the above recipe but with the vegetables substituted with baked beans. I'm not really sure how sweet potato, tomato paste, and baked beans are going to go together. But, we are going to find out.

Who doesn't like mac-n-cheese?! And I am all about "one pot" meals. The less mess I make in the kitchen, the better.

I'll report back how everything turns out. But you can always follow my NOM board and/or my TRIED AND TESTED board, with my very fancy grading system of +'s and x's, on Pinterest.

What new recipes are you trying this week?

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